Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Selected works V: Eclipse

Eclipse / Oilpainting, mixed materials by NetPierre ca. end 1999

Next up in my series of old work is this one, an impression of the clouded 1999 Eclipse, that we experienced in it's 100% zone near Baden-Baden (Germany) at that time.
- that Eclipse was 11th of August to be exact , more info HERE

This object of mixed recycled materials is mainly a wooden panel of 55 x 75 centimetres.
The object is painted with white spraypaint on a black background. It is finished with several layers of transparant matte paint. The sides of the panel and left and right upper-corners are covered with a water-based bitumen-product that i don't remember the name of anymore.

This picture was taken at it's original location, around 7-8 years ago.( only in low quality sadly )
The hanging system consists of two green clothes-hangers, and the brush at the lower left also supported the object. The brush was one of my first prototypes of my brushes collection...