Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Unimaginable - 1918VAPTU Project

Last month i cooperated in a film-project by Ferrie Differentieel (from for an Italian internet-film festival.
The year 1918 was assigned to Ferrie to make an art film for the 100X100=900 project at 9hundred and the film premiered last weekend.

The Unimaginable is an international collaboration,
This short film tells a story about a long gone history.
That last year of World War 1 brought not only temporary peace, it also was a turning point on the social field, science and medical development but also the most horrible things happened in that year -things that contemporary man can’t imagine-

My role was only small, we recorded a few spoken words for the background voices, and I reviewed and made a small change in the French translation.
In a apparently untouched landscape.
You need to find the unimaginable there.
And then you come to the opposite, deeply sunk in snow and frozen surfaces. 
“This beauty, has a thin skin. Scratch the land, and imagine, if you can, what lies buried beneath today”.

idea, direction and sound | ferrie = differentieel
lyrics | Jimmy ThePeach (Aron)
camera, titles and editing | Jöran Maaswinkel
composer | Jorge Franganillo
voices | Jimmy ThePeach - Heribert Lindner - Hans Jansens - Pierre Serné - Marc Wielaert - Steve Harlow
translations | Anneke van de Kassteele - Christine Stefan
special thanks to | Marieke Elsenga - Marlies Ottenberg

2013 ferrie = differentieel Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0
translated lyrics in French and German can be found at

Find all other entries at 9hundred
Update March 31:
We are so proud to announce the 100X10=900 International Tour is going to start on the 16th and 17th of April.
See for all detail the Calendar Page at
Also memorable are the 1500 visitors that have been looking at the short film at vimeo so far.
Find the new the blogpost about it on DailyM at
and an explanation about the used instruments on Audio Log at

The film is submitted to:
Streaming Festival (NL) ShortCutz (NL) Moscars Al-Hurria (Egypt)
CologneOFF (traveling - Europe) Festival Silhouette (France) IMPAKT (NL)
INTERFILM Int.SHort Film Fest Berlin (Germany) MANLEU (Spain)
Sapporro Int. Short Fest. (Japan) Theran Int. SHort Film Fest. (Iran) Uppsala Int. Comp. Film Fest. (Sweden)
SCHNITT Int. Short Film Fest. (Switzerland) Sao Paulo Int.Short Film (Brazil)
several others to come

If you have a suggestion for me where we can submit 1918VAPTU please be so kind to send a message with the URL or link where to go.
Spread the word if you can...

Monday, March 11, 2013

My Personal Top 5 Albums of 2012

Yay... Better late then never...
I know i am very late this year with my Top 5 Albums list, we're already in 2013.
The largest part of this post was ready around half December last year, but i kinda forgot to finish and post my annual list.

It wasn't as hard to pick five as last year, there were plenty of good albums this year.
These were the albums that i played the most over the last year;

Lambchop - Mr M.
This has gotta be my favorite of the year.
Not the most innovative album of the year, nor the most uplifting, but i do like the sound of Lambchop and the raspy voice of singer Kurt Wagner.
This album has partially helped me get through the most difficult part the year when my dad passed away in March this year...

Stream the whole album from HERE

The opening track of the Lambchop " Mr. M "  album

Breakbot - By Your Side
I was very happy when someone posted about the Breakbot debut-album last year.
This album is extremely well-produced by a French guy, and it may sound bit too retro for you but it is very refreshing.
Most tracks are very danceble, and the styles vary from funky electro-disco to 80s retro-pop.
Best new thing of the year!

Breakbot: Fantasy from Önaz on Vimeo.

Esperanza Spalding - Radio Music Society
Esperanza Spalding surprised me in 2011 with an album full with her chamber-music/jazz styled album, but this album is more suitable for radio.
Her brilliant voice and bass-playing fit together perfectly.
One of the nicest pop/jazz crossover albums of the last decade IMHO.

Video: Radio Music Society Trailer

Published by EsperanzaSpaldingTV

Parov Stelar - The Princess
Another fine surprise in 2012 was Parov Stelar's album.
This Austrian musician combines east-european folk-electronica with jazz, that gives him a unique sound. Very danceable, very happy-sounding, very good...

Gregory Porter - Be Good
I spotted Gregory Porter in the Dutch DWDD tv-show.
He impressed me with his dark, laidback and soulful voice and that triggered me to listen to his whole album.
His voice reminds me somewhat of Otis Redding and the orchestration of the whole album fits that same classic-soul-vibe.

Michael Kiwanuka - Home Again
Sin Cos Tan - Sin Cos Tan (a Finnish band, with very slick production by techno-producer Jori Hulkkonen)
Bobby Womack - The Bravest man in the Universe (the return of a soul-legend, produced by Gorillaz-frontman Damon Albarn)

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