Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Personal Top 10 Albums of 2013

Welcome to my 5th annual end-of-the-year album-list.
As always this list is based on my own personal favorite albums, and contains albums, released in 2013, that I have played the most over the last year.

It was such a good year for new albums, that I couldn't keep it to 5 albums this time, and i couldn't leave out any of the albums below.
Here they are, in random order... (kinda)

Disclosure - Settle
I believe this has been everyone's favorite over the last year, and it was definitely my most played album of the year. And the best one... I guess.
I'm a big fan of their sound, the deep house basslines, their catchy tunes and it is all so well-produced.
Respect to these 2 guys who have gotten world-famous in only 18 months.

Disclosure - Album Launch Party at Boiler Room

Elvis Costello and the Roots
One of the strangest combinations of the year... Costello's recognizable 60s voice with The Roots' 70s backup behind it. It works for me. Weird but nice...
Interesting that The Roots are in my Albumlist again... It is the 3rd time that they appear in my annual Top-5 list, out of the 5 lists i have made so far. Earlier they scored with Betty Wright and Jon Legend, I wonder what they come up with in the next years...

Daft Punk - Random Access Memories
The most anticipated and most hyped album of the year did not disappoint me, although there are a few tracks on this album that i'd rather skip sometimes.
Nevertheless, the first single-releases were so great that they made up for the rest.
But what would you expect, with a line-up like that: Moroder, Todd Edwards, Nile Rodgers, Pharrell Williams and many more... It's true that the big budget helped to make this album as big as it got, but don't underestimate Daft Punk's excellent production-skillz on this one...

Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines
The first single (and video) were probably the biggest summer-hit of the year, but the full album was actually pretty nice too... Funky, soulful... just what i like.
It might be a bit too smooth for you all, but find that out for yourself.

David Bowie
Bowie's latest (24th) studio-album, long-awaited and brilliant as ever. Nuff said...

David Bowie - The Stars (Are Out Tonight)

Justin Timberlake - The 20/20 Experience (1)
We had to wait 6½ year for a new Justin Timberlake album and this year it was finally released.
Justin's voice is still in great shape, he still has an excellent timing, and sounds soulful and funky...
I love the long versions on the album, the producers probably had a lot of fun creating these masterpieces with some very weird and unconventional tempo-changes.

The Horrorist - Fire Funmania
...it's funny when you re-discover an artist that you danced to in the 90s at rave-parties, and then finding out 20 years later that he is still making music, plus that he shares the same interests as you.
He also blogs about synthesizers (even longer then me) and i believe he is even a 'fan' of my PatchPierre blog :-)
This album has really taught me something about producing albums just for the fun of it.
Too many albums i hear lately are 'overproduced' and this one definitely not.
I like the raw, dark, bold atmosphere in some tracks, and the pure energy in others...

Janelle Monae - The Electric Lady
Not as good as her debut  'The Archandroid', but after a couple of times listening this album really grows on you. I love how versatile her voice is, and the production behind it always keeps amazing me...

Greco-Roman - We Make Colourful Music Because We Dance In The Dark
One of my favorite British dance-labels have released their first official compilation album this year, and it features almost all the masterpieces that they released so far.
It's a very dance-able album, just like their first 'un-official' first compilation 'Gods against Men' that was on this list 2 years ago...
You can listen to the tracks at the ResidentAdvisor website

Knife Party - Haunted House EP
I love the sound of Knife Party on this EP... play this loud and enjoy!
EDM Death Machine is one of my favorite tracks of the year...

More...? :
Tamar Braxton - Love and War  ...Toni's youngest sister and former member of the Braxtons delivered an excellent album that is almost as good as Toni Braxton's early albums... Another great voice but now with a more up-to-date sound
Teena Marie - Beautiful  ...Teena Marie, mainly known for her work with funk-legend Rick James, passed away late 2012, right after she (almost) finished her last album. With  a little vocal and productional help of her daughter this album got released early this year and is still pretty amazing. A worthy tribute to a true legend.
LL Cool J - Authentic ...my favorite HipHop album of 2013. Maybe just because i like oldschool HipHop and this album just sounds 'authentic'.
Atoms for Peace - Amok  ...Thom Yorke's side-project released another exciting album this year. I've always been a fan of Radiohead and Thom's solo-project and this is again very experimental and exciting with Thom's unique way of singing.
Stromae - Racine  ...hmmm... I like French songs and a few of Stromae's #overhyped singles, but this is just not my cup of tea... but you may disagree.
Charlie Wilson - Love, Charlie  ...one of the most disappointing albums of the year; I like comeback albums from soul-legends, but not if they get the autotune treatment on almost every track #fail

Also check out: 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Unimaginable - 1918VAPTU Project

Last month i cooperated in a film-project by Ferrie Differentieel (from http://dailym.net/) for an Italian internet-film festival.
The year 1918 was assigned to Ferrie to make an art film for the 100X100=900 project at 9hundred and the film premiered last weekend.

The Unimaginable is an international collaboration,
This short film tells a story about a long gone history.
That last year of World War 1 brought not only temporary peace, it also was a turning point on the social field, science and medical development but also the most horrible things happened in that year -things that contemporary man can’t imagine-

My role was only small, we recorded a few spoken words for the background voices, and I reviewed and made a small change in the French translation.
In a apparently untouched landscape.
You need to find the unimaginable there.
And then you come to the opposite, deeply sunk in snow and frozen surfaces. 
“This beauty, has a thin skin. Scratch the land, and imagine, if you can, what lies buried beneath today”.

idea, direction and sound | ferrie = differentieel audio.dailym.net
lyrics | Jimmy ThePeach (Aron) jimmythepeach.com/
camera, titles and editing | Jöran Maaswinkel dailym.net
composer | Jorge Franganillo franganillo.es/en/
voices | Jimmy ThePeach - Heribert Lindner - Hans Jansens - Pierre Serné - Marc Wielaert - Steve Harlow
translations | Anneke van de Kassteele - Christine Stefan
special thanks to | Marieke Elsenga - Marlies Ottenberg

2013 ferrie = differentieel Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0
translated lyrics in French and German can be found at dailym.net/1918vaptu/

Find all other entries at 9hundred
Update March 31:
We are so proud to announce the 100X10=900 International Tour is going to start on the 16th and 17th of April.
See for all detail the Calendar Page at http://9hundred.org/calendar.php
Also memorable are the 1500 visitors that have been looking at the short film at vimeo so far.
Find the new the blogpost about it on DailyM at http://dailym.net/2013/03/1918vaptu-international-tour/
and an explanation about the used instruments on Audio Log at http://audio.dailym.net/2013/03/1918vaptu-ost/

The film is submitted to:
Streaming Festival (NL) ShortCutz (NL) Moscars Al-Hurria (Egypt)
CologneOFF (traveling - Europe) Festival Silhouette (France) IMPAKT (NL)
INTERFILM Int.SHort Film Fest Berlin (Germany) MANLEU (Spain)
Sapporro Int. Short Fest. (Japan) Theran Int. SHort Film Fest. (Iran) Uppsala Int. Comp. Film Fest. (Sweden)
SCHNITT Int. Short Film Fest. (Switzerland) Sao Paulo Int.Short Film (Brazil)
several others to come

If you have a suggestion for me where we can submit 1918VAPTU please be so kind to send a message with the URL or link where to go.
Spread the word if you can...

Monday, March 11, 2013

My Personal Top 5 Albums of 2012

Yay... Better late then never...
I know i am very late this year with my Top 5 Albums list, we're already in 2013.
The largest part of this post was ready around half December last year, but i kinda forgot to finish and post my annual list.

It wasn't as hard to pick five as last year, there were plenty of good albums this year.
These were the albums that i played the most over the last year;

Lambchop - Mr M.
This has gotta be my favorite of the year.
Not the most innovative album of the year, nor the most uplifting, but i do like the sound of Lambchop and the raspy voice of singer Kurt Wagner.
This album has partially helped me get through the most difficult part the year when my dad passed away in March this year...

Stream the whole album from HERE

The opening track of the Lambchop " Mr. M "  album

Breakbot - By Your Side
I was very happy when someone posted about the Breakbot debut-album last year.
This album is extremely well-produced by a French guy, and it may sound bit too retro for you but it is very refreshing.
Most tracks are very danceble, and the styles vary from funky electro-disco to 80s retro-pop.
Best new thing of the year!

Breakbot: Fantasy from Önaz on Vimeo.

Esperanza Spalding - Radio Music Society
Esperanza Spalding surprised me in 2011 with an album full with her chamber-music/jazz styled album, but this album is more suitable for radio.
Her brilliant voice and bass-playing fit together perfectly.
One of the nicest pop/jazz crossover albums of the last decade IMHO.

Video: Radio Music Society Trailer

Published by EsperanzaSpaldingTV

Parov Stelar - The Princess
Another fine surprise in 2012 was Parov Stelar's album.
This Austrian musician combines east-european folk-electronica with jazz, that gives him a unique sound. Very danceable, very happy-sounding, very good...

Gregory Porter - Be Good
I spotted Gregory Porter in the Dutch DWDD tv-show.
He impressed me with his dark, laidback and soulful voice and that triggered me to listen to his whole album.
His voice reminds me somewhat of Otis Redding and the orchestration of the whole album fits that same classic-soul-vibe.

Michael Kiwanuka - Home Again
Sin Cos Tan - Sin Cos Tan (a Finnish band, with very slick production by techno-producer Jori Hulkkonen)
Bobby Womack - The Bravest man in the Universe (the return of a soul-legend, produced by Gorillaz-frontman Damon Albarn)

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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

My Personal Top 5 Albums of 2011

Yay... My 3rd annual personal Top-5 albums of the year list is here.
I was hoping i could make a Top-10 list this year, but it was hard enough to find 5, and even harder to put them in the right order.
It has become a very diverse list, you might not even like them all, but here they are in random order;

Betty Wright feat. The Roots - The Movie
Living soul-legend Betty Wright made a nice comeback this year with her 17th album /and her first in ten years.
Again an album produced by The Roots (and guests like Joss Stone, Snoop and Lil' Wayne) made it to my Top-5 this year, just like they did with John Legend last year... but even better this time.

Various Artists - Greco-Roman - Gods Amongst Men
Wow, a compilation album in this list?
Yep... so much crap was released this year, that i couldn't even pick out 5 artist- albums.
It's a complilation-album of the relatively new Greco-Roman label, which produces all kinds of hip electronic dance-tunes like this.
Listen to the whole album HERE (via Soundcloud)
btw, the single 'Gabriel' by Joe Goddard (of Hot Chip fame) feat. Valentina is IMHO the best  dance-track of the year... Listen for yourself;

From GrecoRomanMusic ,no copyright infringement intended

Spinvis - Tot Ziens, Justine Keller
The latest album by Dutch singer, composer and poet Spinvis was a pleasant surprise this autumn.
I am a fan since his first album and always liked the style and craftsmanship of this guy.
It is a great combination of dreamy, folky, mainly electronic sounds with somewhat weird lyrics...
Find the whole album HERE (all tracks are downloadable!)

Tinariwen - Tassili
The biggest surprise for me this year was discovering a whole new genre that i had never heard of before.
This African- or Tuareg- blues (or Assouf or Desert Guitar) sounds like the soul of the desert, and is pretty impressive.
Tinariwen is a band of Tuareg-Berber musicians from the Sahara Desert region of northern Mali and as soon as you play first track you can imagine yourself sitting on a camel...
A great album with at times a bit depressing, but also soothing and very hypnotizing music.
Watch the 'making of' video to check it out.

(From http://www.tinariwen.com/ ,no copyright infringement intended)

Mint Condition - 7...
Okay, i admit i have a soft spot for slick R&B, Soul and Funk so you may disagree on this one.
The 7th album from Minneapolis' band Mint Condition is really great, and a lot better than their somewhat disappointing 'E-Life' album from 2008.
The band was once discovered by producers-duo Jam & Lewis, twenty-some years ago, and the band has proved once more that they are still brilliant.
I should go and watch them play live when they are in the Netherlands next time because i have heard that their live-shows are amazing.
Check out their latest video "Walk on" HERE

A few albums that were released last month that haven't made it to the list, but are still worth mentioning;
- The new Kate Bush album '50 Words for Snow' is brilliant, but a bit moody for this list, and it feels more like a Christmas album.
LuLu, the collaboration album by Lou Reed and Metallica wasn't that bad...
- Adele's '21' is still great, but who doesn't already know that.

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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Selected works VI: Untitled D

Untitled D - Acrylic paint on canvas / ca. 2006/7
Recently re-inspired by my visit to Ruigoord ( pictures HERE ) i decided to pick up, and dust off my brushes again and start working on some new paintings and ideas soon.
I do have a few things that i would like to experiment with, i also hope i can find the time and focus to be a little more productive than last winter...

I have been posting some of my earlier works on this blog before, and here's another one:

Made in 2006 or 2007 , an abstract acrylic painting on a 20 x 50 centimeters canvas, quite colorful and with slight touches of silver and bright yellow that really stand out when well lit. The side of the canvas is painted black to give it a bit of an extra dimension.

Untitled, because i find it very hard to name to my paintings, but it is the 4th, and one of the two smallest in a series of four with this color-scheme.
I have to say i'm pretty satisfied with this one.

If i can find the time i hope to update this blog more often with some more publications of my older works and my progressions on my newer work.

" The Times They Are A-Changin' " - Bob Dylan

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My First (Local) Radio-promo

Lately i am doing a lot of digitizing of old stuff that i own. Bought myself a photo/negative scanner for my old pictures, and hooked up my old cassette-player to my PC.

Between the old mixtapes, basic song-ideas and other stuff i stumbled upon this little ting;

Recorded in the late nineties, this was the first official radio-promo ( in Dutch ) that i was asked to make for a local radio-station in Den Haag (The Hague).
I was really satisfied about the end-result, although it might sound a bit cheap and easy by today's standards.
I did add some compression to this digital version... that's all it needed, enjoy!

 Summertime Party 1 by NetPierre

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Happy New Year ! - 2011 Resolutions

Dear regular or coincidental reader of my blog.
I would like to wish all of you the best for the new year.
May all your new years resolutions for 2011( if you have them ) become a reality.

Last year was the first year that i publicly posted my new years resolutions, and looking back it seems i did quite good... or at least i tried... you can find that post HERE

For the new year i can't think of very special things, but for the record i'll share them again, perhaps it can
inspire you... or not...

- Again, i will try to smoke less next year, something that didn't really happen last year ( but to be clear, this is a list in random order )

- I will try to watch what i eat a little more... that will mean less sugar and fat to start with, and perhaps a little more variety ;-) ...besides that i should watch the ingredients a bit more.
The http://readdiet.com/ ( in Dutch http://leesdieet.nl/ ) has some interesting guidelines and is a good list to start with. Less caffeine might be a good idea too, although i like my coffees thoughout the day

- The economy has hit my painting-firm too last year, so i really need to get more work next year. That does mean going out for work, perhaps advertise or actively looking for new projects. Without that there will be less to spend for the year's extras like new modules or a good ( far, hot and sunny ) vacation. Downside to more working is less time to be online or blog though...

- I will continue working on my www.PatchPierre.net blog and the PatchPierre community, and want to try to keep the number of monthly unique visitors growing and post 2 or 3 times a week. Publishing an exclusive interview with Dieter Doepfer in 2011 is also on my wishlist... but don't expect that before this summer.
It would be nice if i could get a PatchPierre  iOS or Android-app on the markets, but that will not be easy or very necessary ( All mobile PatchPierre visitors can use the OVI-sourcecode to read the blog )
(or bookmark http://tinyurl.com/patchpierremobile )

- Last thing is that i would like to develop my own module next year, i can't tell much about specifications or so but i want to work on an idea that I've been thinking about for years... i'm not sure if i can do this all alone, but i'll find a way i guess.

As always, i don't have too high expectations of the coming year, the benefit of that is that it will be hard for 2011 to disappoint me. We'll see what happens... as long as every year can still amaze me i'll be fine.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

NetPierre Mobile App for Symbian

Good news for all Nokia owners and followers my NetPierre blog now too...
My second, self-made official NetPierre Mobile application is out, for all Symbian and selected S40 devices.

A few screenshots:

NetPierre presents the NetPierre Mobile app. The ultimate way to watch NetPierre's content on your Nokia device. The app enables easy browsing through the posts and also gives links to the original articles.

Click HERE for a direct link to the OVI Store

Monday, December 06, 2010

My Personal Top 5 Albums of 2010

For the second year in a row i would like to present my favorite albums of the year in form of a blogpost.
You can view my favorites of 2009 HERE ( including the winner's reaction )
2010 was in my opinion a good year for music, with a few great 'comeback' albums from Morcheeba and Sade, Hot Chip's wonderfull third album and many more. My list is based on on my personal favourite albums, albums with the most tracks with 5 stars ended higher on my top-5.

1  Janelle Monae - The Archandroid - What a wonderful debut album and what a (multi)-talent. Ofcourse helped by brilliant production-work, but it's her voice that makes this diverse concept-album so great.
Best album by far this year. View her YouTube Channel HERE

2  Sade - Soldier of Love - Sade is back! ( the version of the title-track feat. Young Buck is EPIC)

3  DVAS - Society - Canadian synth-pop, a kind of 'Simian Mobile Disco meets Zoot Woman' - not a single bad track on this album

4  John Legend & The Roots - Wake Up! - Classic Soul album

5  Scissor Sisters - Night Work - Brilliant (co)-production-work by Stuart Price again ( - his remix of Invisible Light is one of my favorite party-anthems of the year )

It wasn't easy to make this list this year; albums by Gorillaz, Morcheeba, Hot Chip and Nneka's 'Concrete Jungle' also ended high in my list. I might introduce a top-ten list next year...
You should really check these albums out if you're even slightly interested. All albums are worth listening to, let me know what you think in the comments.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Selected works V: Eclipse

Eclipse / Oilpainting, mixed materials by NetPierre ca. end 1999

Next up in my series of old work is this one, an impression of the clouded 1999 Eclipse, that we experienced in it's 100% zone near Baden-Baden (Germany) at that time.
- that Eclipse was 11th of August to be exact , more info HERE

This object of mixed recycled materials is mainly a wooden panel of 55 x 75 centimetres.
The object is painted with white spraypaint on a black background. It is finished with several layers of transparant matte paint. The sides of the panel and left and right upper-corners are covered with a water-based bitumen-product that i don't remember the name of anymore.

This picture was taken at it's original location, around 7-8 years ago.( only in low quality sadly )
The hanging system consists of two green clothes-hangers, and the brush at the lower left also supported the object. The brush was one of my first prototypes of my brushes collection...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

PatchPierre Mobile App for Symbian

Good news for all Nokia owners and followers my PatchPierre blog.
My first, self-made official PatchPierre Mobile application is out now, for all Symbian and selected S40 devices.

A few screenshots:
Nokia N8 screenshot by @juriaan22

NetPierre presents the PatchPierre Mobile app. The ultimate way to watch PatchPierre's content on your Nokia device. PatchPierre provides (basic) A-100 -tips -patches sound-examples and other general (analog) synthesizer-tips for those of you interested. The app enables easy browsing through the posts and also gives links to the original articles

Click HERE for a direct link to the OVI Store

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mushroom Season

Wow... Summer went by too fast again, it's Autumn already.
Not my personal favorite season, but it is definetely a colorfull one.

Autumn also means Mushroom-season.
Mushrooms have always intrigued me, they are beautifull and they come in so many different varieties.

Here are some pictures i shot last month during my trip to Germany. I was amazed how many Mushrooms there were already, so early in the season.

I'm not the mycologist who can determine what species they are, i only photographed them for their beauty. I hope to go out more this season to make more pictures.

Bye-bye Summer, i hope you will return soon...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Friday the 13th Rainbow

This is how it was when I woke up last friday, the 13th of August 2010.
Not a bad start, and perhaps needless to say... all went well :-)

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Really !? (2) Personalized Captcha's ?

It is not my goal to post every weird or silly Captcha i see, but i found this one very funny. I almost thought Facebook is using Personalized Captcha's now... LOL